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Auto Insurance Compare

Auto Insurance - What Factors Effect Your Rates?
By Joseph

Auto insurance compare is something that we all need to do - if we drive a car. While having car insurance may not be an option, just how much we pay for it is. There are a number of things that can make those numbers add up, while other factors will tend to bring those numbers down.

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Car insurance is something that we all need - if we drive a car. While having car insurance may not be an option, just how much we pay for it is. There are a number of things that can make those numbers add up, while other factors will tend to bring those numbers down. Here are some of those things.

Factors About You

This is probably the greatest factor about you that will set the rates. Car insurers tend to think that a male that is 25 or less is prone to be less careful than a female driver of the same age. This means that a young man will pay more for the same coverage on the same car than a girl would that is just as old. When you get married, though, you will usually see a drop in your insurance rates - guess that means you should be more responsible - and careful even if you still are less than 25.

Another thing is whether you have had a driver's training course or not. If you have had formal instruction, you can tell your insurance agent, and that should result in a small discount. And then there is the matter of your driving record. If you have traffic violations, or a past accident (or two) within the last three years, your rates will be raised accordingly. If you have enough of these, insurance companies will not insure you.

Your job can also effect your insurance rates. If you drive a lot of miles every year, it increases the likelihood of an accident, which means higher rates.

The Car

The car itself is also a main consideration as to what your rates will be. This is based on risk to the insurer. A more expensive car means that an insurer may lose more money - so they charge you more for it. Obviously, your insurance rates on a Ferrari will be higher than on most other cars. Also, a brand new car right off the dealer's lot will be more than a car that is one year old. Some models of cars are the most likely to be stolen. These cars are reported regularly online every year, and if you want lower rates the stay away from these hot cars.

Having certain safety features on your car can reduce your rates, too. If you live in an urban area, things like steering wheel locks, car alarms, and other features will lower your rates.

The Neighborhood

Where you live is another main consideration. For instance, those living in an urban area will find their car insurance rates to be much higher than those who live in a rural area. This could be a difference of over 230% - depending on which city, and in what neighborhood in that city you live. With more traffic comes a greater likelihood of getting into an accident. Theft is also another concern.

The Policy

The policy itself, and what you choose in the way of options and coverage, will also effect the price of your insurance payments. You can reduce your car insurance costs by increasing the deductible, and possibly by eliminating some of the other options you probably will never use. Make sure, though, that if you increase the deductible, that you can afford it. If you were to have an accident, it will be necessary to pay the deductible before the insurer will do their part.

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