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Car Insurance Quotes

How To Choose The Right Car Insurance Plan?
By Danny Huang, Mon Jan 2nd

OK let's face it. There are many different auto insurance company that wants you to join theirinsurance policy and every company looks like they have the bestdeals to offer. However, to be honest with you, I think they all look the same to me. So How do you choose which company and which plan for you?

First, you need to ask what your budget is. You need to know what your finical status is and how much you can afford every month for auto insurance. Then you can narrow down some of the more expensive coverage in your insurance plans.

Second, decide the amount of coverage you want. Decide whether you want $15,000 coverage per accident or $30,000 coverage per accident. Normally, people will try to save money and choose alower coverage. Personally, I would recommend choosing full coverage that would an accident fully. The reason is because the price difference between the two are minimal compare to the amount of they cover. For example, the difference say $10 amount which means $120 a year; however, if you get into an accident, the insurance policy will pay you maybe $50,000 rater than 15,000. You see the difference?

Lastly, find out what is the price range is for the coverage you have selected. After you know how much you want for your coverage. Go to different companies and ask how much their rates are for the same coverage by calling them or checking it on their website or a 3rd-party comparison site. After you know how much different insurance companies cost find a well known brand with the lowest price on the same coverage.

**hint: you can higher your deductibles and lower the cost of the insurance company. However I would not do that since, you only save maybe $5 a month and you have to put up with more if you get into an accident.

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