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Car Insurance For Teenagers

Minimizing Your Car Insurance
By Roxel

Decision! Decision! Decision! We all make them! Every aspect of our live requires a sound decision-making for it is a keystone of a successful life. And decision-making, I believe, is like sending a text message. It takes time! You must think really hard and consider all alternatives before making a move. Like in thinking how to lower your car insurance, you need to be wise and take more time in considering these fifteen ways to attain your goal.

Decision! Decision! Decision! We all make them! Every aspect of our live requires a sound decision-making for it is a keystone of a successful life.  And decision-making, I believe, is like sending a text message. It takes time!  You must think really hard and consider all alternatives before making a move.  Like in thinking how to lower your car insurance, you need to be wise and take more time in considering these fifteen ways to attain your goal.

Comparing things really counts.  By shopping around, you can get a better list of quality materials and the prices to compare.  Insurance companies arrive at a price for your car insurance by adding or discounting money after each answer you give to the questions they ask you.  Each company has each own rules to what they consider should increase or decrease your premium.

Your choice of a vehicle also takes into account.  Thousands of different cars on the road were divided into groups and most companies had adopted the ABI (Association of British Insurers) group rating, which splits up vehicles into twenty different groups.  So the higher the group rating for your vehicle, the higher your premium will be.  Another thing is, to get a better idea of how high the risk is.  Some companies combine your driving experience with the vehicle group.  Thus, young driver should consider buying a lower group car if they want to lower their insurance cost.

A Third Party Only insurance policy is the minimum amount of cover legally required, so you should consider opting for this type of policy especially if your vehicle is of low value.  In the unfortunate event of having an accident, any damage to a third party vehicle will be covered, but any damage to your vehicle is not.  So logically, if you vehicle is of little value, you may not be too concerned because it may not be worth paying extra for Fully Comprehensive policy in these circumstances.

Another way is to buy on the web.  By purchasing your insurance over the web, you are not requiring telesales agent time and incurring free-phone costs, thus, saving the company expense.  This is the reason why many insurance providers now offer some good discounts for buying the policy over the internet.  If you got prices through telephone, you can check it again over their web site and you may be surprised at how much cheaper it will be.

Next, maintain a good credit rating.  As part of the over-all calculation of your car insurance premium, many insurance companies are adopting credit scoring techniques.  So, by keeping a good credit history, you may avoid additional premium that companies add to your price for having a bad credit score.

You will be asked how much voluntary excess you want to have during the quotation process.  Insurance companies will generally include a compulsory excess amount on the policy, but will give the opportunity to
increase this if you wish.  Having a higher voluntary excess can lower your premium. However, in the event of claim, you will have to pay a higher amount yourself, up to the total amount of excess on your policy.

During the insurance quotation process, the value of the vehicle is being asked and people often state an amount that is unrealistic and above the real value of the car.  They do this because they believe that this is what they will get back from the insurance company in the event of a claim.  But you should be realistic  about the value of your car because the company will only pay out the worth of the car at the time of the claim and not what you stated for the quote.  In fact, by giving unrealistic value, you can increase your car insurance premium, as this is often a factor affecting your final price.

Keep a clean driving record.  Sounds easier than done, isn’t it?  But you can really avoid being penalized by
increases in your car insurance premium by having few or preferably no driving convictions.  Insurance company take very seriously all driving convictions and it is usually an important part of their rating process.  Getting caught with a driving conviction could increase the cost of your insurance, so it really pays to be a safe driver.

The same as the above, the biggest factor affecting the cost of your car insurance premium is how many
number No Claims Bonus Year you have.  Generally, Full no Claim Bonus is considered by most companies within five years or more and this can give you huge discounts which is in some cases, raised up to 75%.  Avoiding potential road accident claims can continually build up your number of claim free year.  Every additional No Claim Bonus year you get, the lower your car insurance cost will be.  To protect your No Claim Bonus, some companies give the client option of paying a bit more on the premium.

Your annual travel expenses per mile can also affect your car insurance premium.  The more miles you do, the higher your premium is likely to be.  Quotation system and telephone agents will often suggest an amount of miles for you.  Try and work out how many miles you will genuinely do because it may be lesser than the amount suggested.  But it doesn’t mean that you will not be honest in answering this and other questions.

Remove unnecessary named drivers because additional drivers on your policy usually mean a higher premium.  By only naming drivers on the policy that will definitely drive the car, you can lower the final cost.  If you find that an unnamed driver needs to drive the vehicle, most companies allow you to temporarily add a new driver for a small cost.

Although taking an advance driving test is not compulsory, it has an advantage.  Aside from the fact that it can improve your driving skills, it can also help you lower you car insurance premium.  Because advanced test shows commitment to safe driving and it lowers the chance of having a monitoring accident.  Some companies look favorably on people who have taken this.

Next, improve your security.  Most of the companies take into consideration for having a better security of your vehicle.  An alarm and immobilizer will usually attract a discount, and a tracker device installed can give you a bigger reduction.  Some companies may insist on having such devices installed on more expensive and desirable cars before they even consider offering you a price.

Instead of paying your premium by installment, pay it in one time.  This will let you avoid being charged with additional interest.  The interest charges may be quite significant, so if your finances allow, have some good amount of money to pay for the whole.  Some companies may even give you a discount for doing this.

And the last and most dramatic way of lowering your premium is to get married.  A number of insurance companies offer lower premiums when your named drives are insured and spouse as opposed to two unmarried drivers.  Companies believe that this shows an element of stability which is the hallmark of safer drivers.  Insurance companies will give discounts on this basis. 

Yes, your decision could really affect things in your life, so as lowering your car insurance.  A question like, “Would I prefer to be a safe driver or not?”, may actually affect your premium.  But bear in mind that you should also value life more than anything else.  Like throwing a pebble in the pond, it creates ripples once it touches the surface of the water, thus, affecting everything.

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