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Car Insurance Oakland

Different Types Of Auto Insurance
By Mansi Gupta, Mon Jan 2nd

Nowadays is the ideal way to ensure a good lifefor yourself and your expensive vehicle. keepssafe your huge amount of money spent on your automobile. But onthe same hand, is also quite expensive. Howeverthere are different types of policies availabletoday. It is at an individual's discretion which policy he canafford to adopt.

1.Fully Comprehensive Policy Types- though thispolicy is the most expensive one yet it is the most widelyadopted type of auto insurance. This is so because the insuranceprovides compensation or covers all sorts of cases such astheft, accident, wear and tear etc. If unfortunately an accidentoccurs where you were not at fault while the other driver whodid the accident does not disclose his and his insurancedetails; you ought not to worry. For being a policyholder of thefully comprehensive program, you can register an insurance claimagainst your insurance company. But while taking this policy oneessential thing should be borne in mind. There are a few autoinsurance companies that do not insure your vehicle 100% of itsvalue but of 80% or so. Even though many companies defend theirpolicy as a measure to prevent themselves from fraud cases etc.yet try your bets to find the agency that insures your vehicle100%.

2.Third Party, Fire and Theft- this type of insurance isbasically meant for those car owners who have had finished theircar loans but still admire, cherish their car and have greatsentiments attached to it. This policy is somewhat akin to thefully comprehensive one but not identical to it. For like thelatter the former covers cases of theft, accident, fire etc. butin case of an accident you can receive compensation only whenyou were at fault and had hit another car. So if any other carhits yours or you by mistake bang t in the garage, the insurancecompany will not come to your financial aid.

3.Third Party Insurance- it is the insurance that is thecheapest of all and covers only cases of accident where you wereat fault and hit a third party. The insurance company is not tobe contacted in case of any other mishappening with yourvehicle. This insurance policy is generally preferred by thosewho own an old and less pricey car or any other vehicle.

4.Specialized Car Insurance- is basically for cars categorizedas classic, those that are 25 years old. These cars are insuredas classic and so accordingly they have their requirements andservices. The classic car insurane policy can be said to be asgood as the comprehensive one but the only drawback associatedwith it is that it limits the policy taker to a limited numberof road miles he can drive in any given year.

Ultimately it is at the discretion of every individual whichpolicy he desires to take. It is advisable to sort out one'srequirements and budget and also make a survey of the autoinsurance policies in the market before actually grabbing apolicy.

About the author:Mansi gupta writes about affordable auto insurancequote .

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